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 Acceptable Use Policy



As a service provider, we are committed to offering all our clients a high quality service and being a responsible corporate citizen of the World Wide Web community. Our business is built on the premise of offering quality and value to our clients. We ask our clients to help us maintain these standards of quality, and value by requiring them to abide by our Acceptable Use Policy.

Usage of Online Services

Your usage of Online Services should not impinge or affect another user's quality of service. Furthermore it should not be used in ways that harm society or parts of society in anyway.

1. General

a. You must at all times abide by the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and any state or local laws as they may apply, including those of any jurisdiction in which your actions may have the potential to cause injury to any party.

2. Email

a. You must not send SPAM (SPAM being unsolicited email) of any type in any volume.

b. You must not aid individuals or organizations in distributing SPAM either through our servers or any email server connected to your connection with us.

3. Email Viruses

a. You are responsible for keeping your computer free of viruses.

b. We take no responsibility for viruses delivered to you through email. However, we may attempt to remove viruses from emails or return to sender with an automated email advice confirming action taken.

c. You must take all steps possible to prevent the propagation of a virus's through your email account.

4. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

a. Including but not limited to Copyright material, Trademark and or patents must not be copied, redistributed without owner consent. This includes material transmitted through email.

b. Acknowledge IPR where consent is given.

5. Malicious Activities

a. You must not deface or modify websites without owner consent.

b. You must not access or attempt to access services that are not for the general public and/or without appropriate authorization.

c. You must not use probing devices with intent of finding security weaknesses in services other than your own.

d. You must not interfere with the service to any user or equipment connected to the internet in any of the following but not limited to the following methods:

  • Mail bombing,
  • Flooding,
  • Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks,
  • Or any way to overload a system.

6. Web Hosting Content

a. Where services through us include web hosting or web space then your content must meet the following criteria:

  • Comply with Federal and your local state laws.
  • Be undiscriminating and inoffensive to the international community.

b. Be socially acceptable.

7. Broadband Services

a. You must use a firewall on all computers and or modem that use the subscribed broadband service.

b. Standard unlimited download plans may attract a reduction in speed if downloads in any given month prove excessive. Normal speed will be restored at the beginning of the next month.

9. Updates and Changes

This AUP will be updated as and when required. A current copy of the AUP will always be available on our site. We may notify you of any major changes to our services or to the way we operate through a notice on our website and/or email.

10. Consequence of Breach

Your usage of our services must comply with all points laid out in this document, failure to do so will mean that you are in breach and your account may then be terminated without any refund or re-imbursement. Any contractual commitments will remain intact.

11. Enquiries

As a first point of contact please contact us.



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