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Arinda Internet is a leading supplier of public internet access billing systems in Australia.  Arinda develops, produces and supplies Surf Easy internet kiosk software, Surf Easy wireless hotspots, and Surf Easy internet access controllers.   We supply everything from individual components to complete installations, to a growing client base throughout Australia.

Our key product categories include standalone internet kiosks, traditional internet cafes, in-room broadband for hotels, and wireless hotspots.  Together, these products meet the entire scope of public internet access demand away from the home.
Arinda currently has over 2000 installations running live throughout Australia.  The vast majority of our installations are owned and operated by clients and resellers who use our products and expertise to either add a new revenue stream to their existing business or to build their own internet business or franchise model. 

Arinda developed its Surf Easy Internet cafe software in 2002, and since then has produced a whole suite of software to provide the most user-friendly, feature-rich, robust, and secure internet cafe software available in the market.  More recently we have also developed custom solutions tailored to specific client's needs for training systems and touch-screen information systems.
Our award-winning Surf Easy software titles can run anything from a single coin-operated terminal right through to a large self-service gaming cafe.  Our software can automate internet kiosk management to the point where even large internet cafes can be left to run through a self-serve system that does not require staff or supervision, and which can be managed remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Arinda was awarded the Australian Telecommunications User Group (ATUG) award for Innovative Broadband Solution, primarily in recognition of our market-leading internet cafe software.

Our software offers a highly-configurable platform, which can work in pre-pay or post-pay payment cycles, via any combination of coins, notes, credit card, pre-paid cards, credit codes, or user accounts.  The software can be configured for manual or automatic payment processing, in a managed or unmanaged (self-serve) environment.
The philosophy behind our products is to provide users with a system that they are already familiar with, and on which they can do as much as they like, while also protecting personal information and minimising ongoing system maintenance.  To achieve this, we use a standard Windows Desktop and a combination of security measures which results in the user being able to download and install any software they like during their user session, but which is fully erased and reset when the terminal reboots.
Our wireless hotspots and in-room broadband systems are providing laptop users with high-speed internet access in hotels, motels, resorts, convention centres and clubs around the country.  These systems can be used with manually processed cash payments, or self-service via credit card, or linked to the host site's Property Management System (PMS) for billing directly to the user's room for settlement on checkout.  Indeed the market for these systems has now expanded to residential apartment buildings, student accommodation, and retirement villages.

We work with our clients to help them build their business

Arinda is now well established in the market place, with a solid reputation as a reliable full-service provider.  We now receive a large portion of our sales leads through word-of-mouth referrals from ISPs and IT professionals advising small businesses to contact us.  We have established sound working relationships with key suppliers which is also generating new referrals for our business.  Our fastest growing market segment is currently in setting up new internet cafes.
 Thank you for your interest in our business.  We look forward to working with you to give you everything you need to truly profit from the internet.

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